The Wild Boar Chase 2018


The Wild Boar Chase Q & A

What technical level do you have to be at to undertake the full boar?.

As we say for the Small Boar - if the rider has ridden the Verderers (Blue) and the Freeminers (Red) trails in Sallow Valets (i.e.accessed from PedalABikeAway, Cannop, Forest of Dean) then they should be able to cope with the technical demands of the Full Boar. BUT the riders are advised to ride within their limits, the course uses natural trails which feature hazards that must be anticipated. There is nothing that requires 'jumping' i.e everything can be "rolled".
Based on the CTC grading the Wild Boar Chase (both Small and Full) would be Red grade due to distance and amount of climb. But while the Small Boar would be borderline the Full Boar is full-on Red Grade both for distance, climb and technicality. To quote the CTC for a Red grade "The route should be judged on the basis that a reasonably experienced rider riding within his/her level of skill and prevailing ground conditions, would not be expected to fall."
- Dr John.

I have entered the event - can I switch to another distance?

Yes, you can switch to a different distance - on the day if you like. We track the progress of riders at various checkpoints and use this information to work out which route each rider has taken. It is however the rider's responsibilty to stop at each checkpoint they encounter.