Forest of Dean Wild Boar Chase and Humbug Chase


Photos are now available

(18 May 2017) The photographer has advised us: "... all images are now uploaded to the server and available for sale. I must say I’m thrilled with the images, in particular our photographer Mike captured some wonderful shots in the dappled light at M23 location...". Please direct any queries concerning photographs to the photographer via his web site. This is the link to the photos and photographer's web page.


(15 May 2017) Wild Boar Chase Results uploaded at 20:15 in xlsx format - and PDF format at 17:15 (16th May)
Humbug Chase results now available on web site (18:00 - 16th May).


(15 May 2017) These will be available from the photographer's web site within the next 5 days. This is the link to the photographer's web page

GPS Downloads - new versions available - minor change to all routes

Uploaded new versions 11 May 2017 at 11:52 a.m.


(10 May 2017) This is the link to the photographer's web page.

GPS Downloads now available

(9 May 2017) Please see the Instructions Page for GPS downloads of the route.

No Free Beer!

(5 May 2017) Unfortunately, the Bespoke Brewing Company has pulled out of attending the Wild Boar Chase, so there will be no free beer samples.

Instructions now ready

(4 May 2017) Instructions are now ready for the Wild Boar Chase and Humbug Chase. Click 'Wild Boar Chase' or 'Humbug Chase' above, then click the Instructions link.

Bespoke Brewing Company at the 2017 Wild Boar Chase

The Bespoke Brewing Company based in neaby Mitcheldean will be in attendance at Parkend Feed Station where they will offer FREE samples of their Ales and Ciders. Parkend is 16 miles into the route and through which all riders undertaking the Wild Boar Routes will pass. This will not apply to riders under 18 years of age or to those on the Humbug Chase which does not pass through the Parkend Feed station.

We anticipate there being between 4 and 8 Ales and Ciders to taste and the Company will have a stall at the Speech House Start and Finish Field should riders wish to purchase some to take home with them.

trotter prints and tyre prints